Infrastructure And Other Facilities











The school has a well-stocked library with books and periodicals which caters to the learning quest of children. Weekly periods are allotted for all classes and children explore the “known and the unknown” in the world of array of books that are available for ready reference and pleasurable reading.

Audio-visual rooms, computer labs, biology lab, chemistry lab, physics lab and language lab offer great infrastructure that motivate children to explore beyond the knowledge offered in text books and enrich their learning.

The school also brings out the school magazine ‘Spandana’ every two years that provides opportunities for children to show-case their literary and creative skills. Our budding writers excel in writing wonderful and informative articles.

Various articles about the achievements of children also feature in the monthly journals published and brought out by J.S.S Mahavidhayapeeta. Bus facilities are offered on selected routes and children avail these comforts. Staff rooms, library, and activity-hall also are the assets for the school which help the teachers to periodically meet, discuss and motivate children in their crave and quest for excellence.

The class-rooms are spacious and well-lit with all facilities and the school has a good building-plan with further scope for improvement 


Chemistry & Biology lab

Mathematics Lab

Physics Lab