We always believe in student convenience and welfare. Keeping these yardsticks in mind, the school offers a robust and fully operational transportation service to its students. The school buses with GPS tracker are well maintained and provided with female bus attendants for smooth transport operations.  We endeavor to pick and drop students to the nearest bus stops, in the vicinity of their homes.


JSS has an infirmary, a dedicated space where students can rest or recover when they need medical attention. A student, healthy in both body and mind, is the complete responsibility of the school, especially when away from home, and in school premises.

Children are playful by nature and are more susceptible to injuries and abrasions. Students receive first aid or take rest when they feel unwell.  The school always maintains a first aid kit contains all basic requirements which are useful for any immediate assistance. In case of emergencies the school makes all efforts to admit the student to nearest hospital and inform the parents on priority.